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(as of 11/03/04)
20 Cities
99 Concerts
16,200+ Concertgoers

Total Raised Directly
for Kerry Campaign
(before July 29)

Total Raised with
Running for
Change PAC

Total Raised to
Defeat George Bush
Organize Your Own Event

There are 2 great ways you can get involved:

Create a Concert

If you are a performer, venue, or organizer looking to put on an event in a bar or club, there is still time to make it happen and help elect John Kerry. Find out how to organize a show in your community today.

Host a House Party

You donít need to have a big lineup of bands and a club to help make a difference. You can show your Kerry colors by hosting a house concert or party Ė or even a bowling night. So plug in your iPod, ask your friends to bring some beer, and host a Concerts for Change House Party and help defeat Bush in November.

Concerts for Change is a campaign of the StartChange PAC. Paid for by StartChange PAC. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.