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(as of 11/03/04)
20 Cities
99 Concerts
16,200+ Concertgoers

Total Raised Directly
for Kerry Campaign
(before July 29)

Total Raised with
Running for
Change PAC

Total Raised to
Defeat George Bush

There are 3 ways to sign up to create a Concert for Change:
A. Coordinator sign-up: You know bands and a venue that are interested, and you want to organize a Concert for Change.

B. Performer sign-up: You are in a band or you are a performer who wants to play at a Concert for Change. Please note that you might not get an immediate response because many more performers have signed up than we have coordinators.

C. Venue sign-up: You own or work at a venue that would like to host a Concert for Change.

The Concert Kit is a PDF file containing everything you need for your Concert for Change.

Need help making a poster or fliers to promote your Concert for Change?
Download our poster template and add specific information about your Concert.

Of course, feel free to be creative and make your own original poster.
Please include the Concerts for Change logo show everyone you're part of a grassroots movement for Change!

Tell the press you're Rocking for Change!
Download our sample press release to publicize your Concert for Change.

Please use the text provided to describe the Concerts for Change organization, and add your own text to describe your event.

Concerts for Change is a campaign of the StartChange PAC. Paid for by StartChange PAC. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.