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Monday, October 25, 2004

Overheard in Savannah
So I was waiting in the security line in the Savannah, Georgia airport and I hear this couple talking to this other guy and the conversation turns from flying helicopters to politics. All of them were Republicans so it was interesting to hear what they say to each other. Here are some choice quotes:

  • "I'm convinced that if we weren't fighting over there, there would be more terrorism over here."
  • "I saw some protesters on tv and I don't understand why they act like we started this war."
  • "I think they would see Kerry as weak leader if he tried to negotiate with them."
  • "We're (the armed forces)generally treated better under Republicans than Democrats."
  • "And he wants us to have to pass a global test."

So there you have it from the mouths of the fearful and uninformed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Are you on the bus or off the bus?
Like Ken Kesey used to say when I was riding around with the Merry Pranksters with Neal Cassady at the wheel back in '66, "Are you on the bus or off the bus?"

I never really did catch his drift because he would say that whether we were riding on the bus or the bus wasn't even in sight and we were, like, walking around or something. I would always say, "Ken, isn't the answer to that question obvious?" And he would just smile and give me another cup of Kool-Aid. Strange group of folks really, but very generous with their Kool-Aid, and man could that Cassady fellow drive!

Okay, so I wasn't really on the Furthur bus, but that's not the point. The point is, people, that voting isn't enough this time around. We need all the bodies we can get to help drag people to the polls on election day. This race is close and no one wants to feel like we did last time, wondering if we could have made a difference...

You can make a difference! Getting out the vote is the most important thing of this election and we're putting together vans to take you to Pennsylvania or Ohio to help make sure we take our country back.

Go here for more information:


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

STOP Sinclair
We launched www.StopSinclair.org. The response has been overwhelming -- 24,000+ signatures as I write this. No doubt the number has increased as you read this. Thank you to all those who have signed and helped spread the word

Do you have ideas about what we should do next? Sound off on the blog. Let us know what you think about Sinclair. Let us know how you think we can stop them.

And sign our petition at www.StopSinclair.org!

Friday, October 08, 2004

the onion is funny
Irrelevant Pop Stars Unite Against Bush

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Did Bush wear an illegal wire during the debate??
Just stumbled upon this one, via boingboing.net:


Looks like GWB wore an ILLEGAL WIRE [Large PDF file, see subsection 5(c)] during the debates. This would provide a nice explanation for why he would verbally stumble at the beginning of questions: he was waiting for some handler to provide him with something to say.

Don't take our word for it. Look at the pictures of his back, the kind of camera angle the RNC demanded be prohibited, a demand the networks thankfully ignored. These pictures are worth a thousand wired words.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Delivery of the post-vp-debate talking points by the Bush campaign INFILTRATED
First, the talking points. Nothing bearing much relation to reality.

Then, the first question: "Why is the Bush healthcare plan more about giving handouts to big drug companies than providing good health care to the american people?"

Immediately, Ken Mehlem ends the call: "Our call was infiltraded last week, looks like it's happening again."

Every time the president does the town hall meeting he demands a loyalty oath and thus contols the questions. When the questions are not of their choosing, they abruptly end the dialogue.

Petulant: The Word of the Week
It seems the press has decided on petulant as its favorite adjective to describe Bush's performance. Google petulant and the top entry is a story about the debate.

Maybe all those high school juniors taking the SAT will get lucky and petulant will show up in the analogies section. Maybe it would go something like this....


(A) presidential:kerry
(B) whiny:bush
(C) mature:kerry
(D) annoyed:bush
(E) decisive:kerry

For the answer, see the comments.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Do we want a 'Jeopardy Contestant' for President?? Maybe that's not such a bad thing...
Just over four years ago, an intrepid reporter caused a minor shitstorm when he had the audacity to question candidate Bush's knowledge of foreign leaders of nations in global "hot spots." Here is some of the exchange:

Hiller: "Can you name the general who is in charge of Pakistan?"
Bush: "Wait, wait, is this 50 questions?"
Hiller: "No, it's four questions of four leaders in four hot spots."

The reseponse from the Bush campaign?

Karen Hughes: "The person who is running for president is seeking to be the leader of the free world, not a Jeopardy contestant."

The indignant Bush we saw in the debate on Thursday is nothing new. Its just that the administration and the handlers have done a fine job of hiding this petulance.

Perhaps if we had more of a Jeopardy contestant in the Oval Office on September 11, we might have better managed our subsequent relations with Pakistan...

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Are you on the bus or off the bus?

STOP Sinclair

the onion is funny

Did Bush wear an illegal wire during the debate??

Delivery of the post-vp-debate talking points by the Bush campaign INFILTRATED

Petulant: The Word of the Week

Do we want a 'Jeopardy Contestant' for President?? Maybe that's not such a bad thing...

The Bushies need to convince America to forget last night...

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