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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

STOP Sinclair
We launched www.StopSinclair.org. The response has been overwhelming -- 24,000+ signatures as I write this. No doubt the number has increased as you read this. Thank you to all those who have signed and helped spread the word

Do you have ideas about what we should do next? Sound off on the blog. Let us know what you think about Sinclair. Let us know how you think we can stop them.

And sign our petition at www.StopSinclair.org!


steve f said...

Yes, I do have an idea. Find the major investment groups behind Sinclair and write them and tell them of the grassroots movement against Sinclair. Inform them that loss of advertising revenue as well as impending FCC actions could be very damaging to this corporation and as such , continued investment could result in a loss for their investors. There are many websites that show the major investors behind Sinclair, including Janus, Gabelli, etc. Investors like politics, but they LOVE money.

2:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Actually, I can't wait to see this documentary!! I didn't hear you crybabies whine when Michael Moore's trash hit the theaters. What are you all so afraid of? The truth about John Kerry? Why don't you liberals try thinking for yourself and stop being such sheep! All Kerry is good for is making empty promises and yielding to Euro Trash.

7:43 AM

Anonymous said...

Anon writes:

In the immoral words of the GeeDumbya, 'BRING IT ON!'

The truth is out there... you just have to... FOLLOW THE M O N E Y!

1:25 PM

Anonymous said...

Funny how CBS can trash President Bush and no one is held responsible but now that we have the chance to show the truth about your "War Criminal" candidate you all start to PMS like the drama queen libs that you are. Hope you enjoy another 4 more years of miserable liberalism when Bush defeats Kerry!!!!!!!

4:49 PM


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