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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Delivery of the post-vp-debate talking points by the Bush campaign INFILTRATED
First, the talking points. Nothing bearing much relation to reality.

Then, the first question: "Why is the Bush healthcare plan more about giving handouts to big drug companies than providing good health care to the american people?"

Immediately, Ken Mehlem ends the call: "Our call was infiltraded last week, looks like it's happening again."

Every time the president does the town hall meeting he demands a loyalty oath and thus contols the questions. When the questions are not of their choosing, they abruptly end the dialogue.


Anonymous said...

rockers rock! cheney has no grasp on reality. not to mention his ridiculous assertion and assumption that it is bad for Kerry to vote against programs that he was opposed to as well. two faced dick...

8:03 PM


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