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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Are you on the bus or off the bus?
Like Ken Kesey used to say when I was riding around with the Merry Pranksters with Neal Cassady at the wheel back in '66, "Are you on the bus or off the bus?"

I never really did catch his drift because he would say that whether we were riding on the bus or the bus wasn't even in sight and we were, like, walking around or something. I would always say, "Ken, isn't the answer to that question obvious?" And he would just smile and give me another cup of Kool-Aid. Strange group of folks really, but very generous with their Kool-Aid, and man could that Cassady fellow drive!

Okay, so I wasn't really on the Furthur bus, but that's not the point. The point is, people, that voting isn't enough this time around. We need all the bodies we can get to help drag people to the polls on election day. This race is close and no one wants to feel like we did last time, wondering if we could have made a difference...

You can make a difference! Getting out the vote is the most important thing of this election and we're putting together vans to take you to Pennsylvania or Ohio to help make sure we take our country back.

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