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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Unsolicited Speech Writing for Kerry
In response to this from Bush:
"One thing about Senator Kerry's position is clear," Mr. Bush told a rally here. "If he had his way, Saddam Hussein would still be in power and would still be a threat to the security of America and the world."

Kerry should say this:
"I don't know how Mr. Bush knows for certain that if I had my way Hussein would still be in power and still be a threat. Maybe he has a magic ball that he can look into and see how I would have behaved if I were president and the leader of the party that has control of both houses of Congress, and what would have happened if the inspectors had been able to stay in Iraq and finish their job. That would be some magic ball right? Looking into the past then looking into the future, that's pretty neat trick.

But if that's the same magic ball he looked into to see that the Iraqis would greet us with flowers, and that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and that the economy would have created millions of jobs by now, I have this advice for Mr. Bush: "Time to get a new magic ball, your's is obviously broken!" (Applause)


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