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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Presidential Debate Drinking Game (Round 1)
Remember, sips. And know your limits. The Concert for Change Blog does not encourage irresponsible drinking. That said, here are the rules:

Take one sip when:
Either candidate jabs their hand towards the camera.
Bush says "turned the corner".
Kerry says "allies".
Bush says "tax relief".
Kerry says "tax credit".
Bush says "consistent"
Kerry says "we can do better"
Kerry says "disaster"
Bush says "freedom"
Kerry says "health care"
Bush says "ownership"
Kerry says "jobs"
Bush says "jobs"

Finish your beer:
Bush admits mistake
Kerry explains Iraq funding vote
Bush says "Osama"
Kerry says "9/11 changed everything"

That should keep you busy. Any suggestions? Put them in the comments.


mark said...

a sip when bush says "nucular"
finish your beer if kerry says it.

11:05 AM

rich said...

Hilarrious!! That's great. I envision many sips.

3:15 PM

Anonymous said...

Who needs a game? Just drink the drinks.

1:02 PM


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