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Friday, September 17, 2004

Missouri vs. North Carolina -- Latest Poll Numbers
Whoooweee! Here's some polling data to inform your decision about where to send the money.

Survey USA (9/7-9/9)
Bush: 48%
Kerry: 46%
Other/Undecided: 5%
Margin of Error: 3.9%

CNN/USA Today/Gallup (9/3-9/6)
Bush: 55%
Kerry: 41%
Other/Undecided: 4%
Margin of Error: 4% (Ed.: Yeah...Right!)

Survey USA (9/6-9/8)
Bush: 50%
Kerry: 46%
Other/Undecided: 5%
Margin of Error: 4.2%

Rasmussen (9/4-9/10)
Bush: 55%
Kerry: 42%
Other/Undecided: 4%
Margin of Error: 5%

So....Survey USA shows both to be very close and Rasmussen and Gallup show both to not be close and polling data once again proves to be totally useless.

Vote Here!: www.MOvNC.org

Use the comments here to vent about polling, especially about stupid Gallup. Or defend polling, see if I care. Also tell us who you voted for and why. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

what about giving to colorado? polls there are going in the right direction, aren't they? and salazar is beating coors.

plus, if i see one more "coors: for a guy's night out" ad i think i'm going to puke. fortunately, daily kos says colorado voters also can't separte coors the candidate from coors the anti-environment, anti-worker, anti-gay, anti-woman megacorp!

4:26 PM

Anonymous said...

ok, this is my second comment -- again about colorado. is anyone paying attention to this colorado initiative to split electoral votes proportionately? is there any polling on it?

5:27 PM

MattDinBrooklyn said...

Colorado is looking good. Dems have a serious chance to take back the Senate. And Kerry is definitely doing well there too. Have not been able to find any poll numbers about ballot initiative but ColoradoLuis says this on Kos:

"my gut feeling is it will fail by a huge margin.  Marching orders for the GOP are to vote No, and Democrats like me who believe Kerry has a shot will also vote no.  Plus, there are some pretty obvious problems with the initiative (IMHO) that will turn off independents as well."

6:35 AM

Arkadi said...

There is a very good chance that Concerts for Change will be giving money to the coordinated campaign in Colorado very soon...

Please keep creating concerts, buying tickets, and getting t-shirts so that we can be earn the money to contribute to Colorado and other key Dem campaigns!

12:28 PM

Anonymous said...

What do you call a concert featuring Moby, R.E.M., and Bruce Springsteen?

A cliche'

...is it just me, or are most artists and musicians predictable? Don't believe the hype y'all!

stop sending your cash to the democrats- donate it to a real cause

10:32 AM


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